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Rhinoplasty-Nose Job – Plastic Surgery Sydney

What will happen during my rhinoplasty consultation?

Your full medical history, an examination of your nose and your goals and wishes for having a nose job will be discussed thoroughly.

Our specialist rhinoplasty surgeon Dr Barnouti will determine if you are suitable for a soft treatment or if you require a surgical solution to improve on the Nose shape and breathing. A soft treatment such as filler to augment the nose can be provided on the same day of the consultation.

Computer analysis for the nose will be used during the consultation to let Dr. Barnouti know exactly what you want and give you a clear idea of what to expect after your rhinoplasty procedure.

During the consultation at one of our three plastic surgery clinics in Sydney you can discuss possible alterations to your nasal tip, your nasal dorsum, your nasal width, nasal bridge, and your nasal base with Dr Barnouti. Because a change in one of those features of your nose can have significant effect on the appearance of the others, Dr Barnouti will be able to advise you on the possibilities and best options to suit your preferences.

After your rhinoplasty consultation Dr. Barnouti can customise the rhinoplasty procedure to your individual needs using his meticulous surgical techniques combined with an in-depth knowledge of nasal anatomy and vast experience of the nuances of rhinoplasty.What happens during rhinoplasty (Nose Job) surgery?

During rhinoplasty surgery our plastic surgeon Dr. Barnouti will sculpt and reshape the framework of cartilage and bone, which makes up your nose. Access to this is gained in one of two ways; either directly through the nostrils (without visible scar), or through a small incision across the columella (the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils). This will depend on your individual circumstances.

Specialist types of rhinoplasty or nose jobs

Reduction Rhinoplasty to reduce the size of the nose or change its shape or size

Rhinoplasty or cosmetic reshaping of the nose commonly called a nose job has undergone numerous changes over the last two decades. Reduction rhinoplasty is a procedure for people whod like to have a smaller nose. Reduction rhinoplasty is achieved by cutting away excessive cartilage and bone and letting the natural skin envelope shrink down to the smaller framework. Dr. Barnoutis main concern in this procedure is to produce a smaller, natural looking nose that maintains exceptional breathing capacity.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty to enlarge the nose or change its shape or size

The augmentation rhinoplasty technique uses either natural tissue or nasal implant to create a nose that will match your face and any racial characteristics. The skin of the nose has no shape; it is the underlying cartilage and bony architecture that give shape to the nose. Therefore smaller noses require precise placement of grafts from your own tissue and sometimes implant material (such as silicone, gortex or medpore) to produce a natural looking nose. Augmentation rhinoplasty is commonly requested by our Asian clients.

Reshaping Rhinoplasty to changing the shape but not the size of the nose

Some patients are happy with the size of their noses but not with the shape. Reshaping rhinoplasty may focus on the shape of the tip, the bridge, or the root of the nose. Reshaping rhinoplasty can be addressed with a variety of procedures ranging from a simple non-invasive technique to a larger scale surgical procedure.

Combined Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty/Turbinate reduction also known as Septorhinoplasty with Turbinectomy.

Rhinoplasty, or corrective nose surgery, is one of the most artistic procedures in plastic surgery. But achieving a balanced appearance to the shape of the nose, from both the front and side views, must be combined with careful attention to the functional purpose of the nose for breathing.

Rhinoplasty changes the way your nose looks by changing the underlying cartilage and bone and Dr. Barnouti will make sure your new nose is in balance with the rest of your face. He will take into account your facial proportions, skin thickness, cartilaginous rigidity and bony formations to create the right nose for your face.

While working on the appearance of your nose the nasal septum may also need attention to improve breathing. Other nasal structures such as the turbinates may require assessment and surgical adjustment for the same reasons. It is vital that a multifaceted approach be utilised to assess your needs and work out the best way to execute your septorhinoplasty.

During your initial rhinoplasty or nose job consultation Dr. Barnouti will explain the details of your operative assessment and the reasoning behind each of the planned surgical procedures. Computer analysis may be used to help show Dr. Barnouti your ideal outcome or allow him to relay postoperative expectations back to you.

As one of the most technical and creative procedures in plastic surgery, Dr. Barnouti takes pride in specialising in rhinoplasty (nose jobs), septoplasty (correction of a deviated septum) and turbinate reduction (reducing the inferior turbinate to facilitate breathing).

Dr Barnouti will advise you on the best approach for your rhinoplasty during your initial nose job consultation.Contact us today to book your rhinoplasty consultation.

How long does it take to recover from rhinoplasty or nose job surgery

A splint or cast will be applied to your nose immediately after your rhinoplasty surgery.

The nose will be sensitive to touch for the first few days with some bruising for seven to ten days following rhinoplasty surgery, with bruising declining two to three days after surgery.

Cold compresses or ice packs will be applied to your nose for the first 24 hours to minimise swelling and bruises and help accelerate the healing process.

If there are stitches, they will be removed five to seven days after surgery, after which most patients do not need further dressings on their nose.

How soon can I get back to work and regular activities after my nose job?

You will need to rest completely for two days after rhinoplasty and can return to work after the first week provided your job does not involve strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects.

Intense physical activity should be avoided for about a month after rhinoplasty due to the vulnerability of the nose during this time. By Laith Barnouti

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Rhinoplasty-Nose Job – Plastic Surgery Sydney

‘Magic School Bus’ reboot: Why did Ms. Frizzle get a nose job … – AOL

Jennifer Kline,

Sep 6th 2017 5:04PM

The trailer for Netflix’s”Magic School Bus” reboot instantly went viral upon its Tuesday release, racking up 9.4 million views on Facebook within 24 hours. But criticism came just as fast, with countless fans taking issue with the animation style: “This animation looks cheap in comparison to the original,” reads the top-liked comment.

That backlash has some merit to it. But we have another concern:

Why did Ms. Frizzle get a nose job?

According to the trailer, in the years since she went off the air, Ms. Frizzle has received a well-deserved promotion to Professor Frizzle. And it seems she put that hefty pay raise toward a rhinoplasty.

Photos: Scholastic/Netflix

The face of TV’s most beloved science teacher has taken on a much rounder shape, completely smoothing out the angles of her jawline. She’s also seemingly made use of keratin treatments. But — most importantly — while she still has a bridge bump, no amount of blend and contourcan create that perky upturned tip.

If you’re too distracted by the animation style to notice Ms. Frizzle’s obvious cosmetic surgery, you’re not alone: Even the Washington Posthas taken up arms, lamenting, “The reboot has saddled its talent with the plastic facial expressions of a childrens Barbie or Bratz ad. Its as if the artists have embalmed the soul of the show beneath the most plastic of pixels.”

Netflix replied to one of the critical Facebook responses byencouraging viewers who prefer hand-drawn animationto watch “Castlevania.”

Complaints aside, “The Magic School Bus Rides Again” has A-list talent — Lily Tomlin andKate McKinnon star, and Lin-Manuel Miranda is behind the revamped theme song — and plenty of source material for an awesome kids’ show. Take a look at the trailer:

‘Magic School Bus’ reboot: Why did Ms. Frizzle get a nose job … – AOL

James ‘Arg’ Argent shows off his bruised face as he heads home covered in bandages after having a nose job – The Sun

JAMES ‘Arg’ Argent revealed his bandaged and bruised face as he headed home after having a nose job.

The Towie star previously revealed to The Sun Online that he was planning the procedure after his four stone weight loss left him feeling like his nose was “too big”.

Flynet Pictures

Flynet Pictures

Flynet Pictures

Now the star has been pictured arriving home with his face covered in bandages and tape, as he carefully climbed out of his car and headed inside.

As he lifted his head, the sun highlighted the bruising under each eye, while his new nose was concealed under the surgical gauze. with a big piece taped below his nostrils and above his top lip.

Arg wore a pair of sports shorts and a hooded tracksuit top with a pair of white socks and trainers as he headed inside.

The 29-year-old previously told The Sun Online: “At school my nickname was always Nostrils because my nostrils are huge Ive literally never seen anyone with bigger nostrils than me!

Ive always known Ive had a big nose, but where Ive been so up and down with my weight for so many years, my nose didnt stand out as much, but now Ive lost four stone my features show a lot more and Ive got this large bump and nostrils that are even more prominent.

I think if I have the bump removed and the nostrils made smaller it will make me feel a lot more confident and be another step into helping me better myself since leaving rehab and Im not gonna lie, better looking and more attractive.

Flynet Pictures

Flynet Pictures

Flynet Pictures

Rex Features

I want to feel better when I take selfies as there are some I dont upload because Im unhappy with my nose, and yeah of course it would be great if it helped meet more women too!

“I spent three months doing Celebs Go Dating and my confidence with women is really improving, so if I can change this part of me that I don’t feel confident about I think that will make dating a lot easier.

WAZZA OFF THE RAZZA Drink-drive footie ace Wayne Rooney gives wife Coleen an ultimatum ‘you quit the holidays and I’ll quit the boozing’

KEEP QUIET, KATE Peter Andre ‘begs’ Katie Price to keep details of Kieran Hayler’s affair private to protect their kids

IT’S THE ENDER WHO? Who got shot in EastEnders? Here’s our line-up of who might have been hit by Ted Murray’s bullet

BAKING GLAD Bake Off’s Steven shows off his showstopper cakes on Instagram… and they’ll have his fellow bakers running scared

‘STAY IN YA LANE’ Sinitta tells Cheryl to ‘back off’ from being Simon Cowells special guest at Judges Houses in X Factor

FLASHION VICTIM Rita Ora goes braless (and shirtless) and flashes her legs as she climbs out of a car after arriving at the GQ Awards

He added: Im so proud of the weight Ive lost and Ive got a bit more to go and some toning up to do, but Ive completely turned my life around this year, and I feel this will just help to complete the better version of me.

Arg added he was using the same surgeon as his fellow Towie co-star Mario Falcone, who went under the knife in September last year.

Flynet Pictures

Flynet Pictures

Flynet Pictures

Flynet Pictures

Rex Features

He said: Of course Im nervous as its a relatively complex operation, and I dont know how they go about making the nostrils smaller, but you obviously hope it turns out the way you want it to.

Dr Frati showed me a computerised version of what I can expect the results to be like and Im really happy with it.

Got a story? email or call us direct on 02077824220.

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James ‘Arg’ Argent shows off his bruised face as he heads home covered in bandages after having a nose job – The Sun

Morning Mirror: Reporter Valiantly Announces Her Nose Job – The Daily Caller

Quote of the Day:

Trey Williams, media and entertainment reporter, MarketWatch. He resides in NYC.


A friend of The Mirrorsent in a dramatic picture of her poochMowgli looking like a New Yorker cartoon in ahaute early morning stance. Please note the giant polka dot on his rear end.

Have a picture youd like The Mirror to feature? Send it to me at [emailprotected] Please be aware when sending that you must own the rights to the photograph.

Breitbart News editor literally thinks we care about his printer sitch

I got a printer a couple of months ago. Its now run out of ink. Its literally cheaper for me to buy another printer than more ink. Raheem Kassam, Breitbarts London Bureau Chief who is naturally based in Washington.

Irma wipes out Roger Stone/Milo event

Epic STONE + MILO Orlando wing ding CANCELLED due to #Irma2017.Be safe, everyone. Give time and/or $ if you are able. Trump whispererRoger Stones film account.

Female Journo gets nose job and announces it to the world

TheRebelTVs Laura Loomer appears to be a perpetual victim of life.

In August, she took her car to an auto mechanic with what appeared to be really fucked up tires. She claimed she was the victim of an enemy who had slashed her tires. She said police and the mechanic confirmed as much even though there really has never been proof that either of them agreed with her. The Internet went nuts and totally accused her of lying her ass off. She did get fishy Gateway Pundit to believe her tale. The site soon removed the published story without explanation. And then the asinine crack team of journalists over there editor Jim Hoft and White House correspondent Lucien Wintrich publicly scolded me for scolding their ridiculous brand of journalism. They said I needed to update my story with their bogus info even while their story had been inexplicably deep-sixed.

For about a month, my Twitter feed was engulfed in tweets from real and amateur tire experts who insisted there was no way that this womans tires were slashed. To be sure, she filled out her own tire docs at the mechanic. The dates didnt match up. Twitter went wild.

Even the tire place she went to publicly distanced itself from Loomer and the entire drama.

She initially attracted enemies for saying that she wished for two more thousand of immigrants to die after The Nation reported that 2,000 immigrants had died this year while trying to cross Mediterranean. She claimed to me over Direct Messaging that she stands by this and didnt care if she had to die to stand by her point. She says its the price you pay when youre a public figure such as herself.

Its whatever, she told me over DM. If I die someday over a dox, then I die. At least Ill die doing what I love. We dont get to choose how we die.

This valiant reporter also claimed that she has gotten countless threatening phone calls in the middle of the night.

People have literally called me at 3 am screaming youre a kike Im going to post your information we have your info we know where you live and other horrible things, she told me. I dont want to play the gender card, but its also kind of sexist how people assume I dont know how to take care of my car since Im a woman. I admit I dont have a ton of knowledge about cars, but that doesnt mean Im stupid and cant tell when my tire looks suspiciously slashed. And my suspicions were confirmed by mechanics and police officers.

She doesnt want to play the gender card? Why not? Shes played every other kind of card.

Loomer says she has received countless threats of harm on her life. Because what kind of monster would threaten someone who announces that thousands of immigrants would be better off dead?

(Im pretty sure you can have any stance on immigration you want without wishing for strangers to die.)

The optics here just get better and better.

The latest on Loomer is her alleged nose job. She published a picture of her bruised, bloodied and semi-bandaged face on Instagram. Did she really have a nose job? Maybe. But with this woman, you had better get a doctor to sign off on it and get blood samples before you believe it.

Ill never be perfect, but Ill always be true to myself, she announced boldly on Instagram this week.

A lot of people have been asking me to post pics of my face and nose since I had my nose job, she wrote. To be honest, it has been very emotional seeing myself with a bruised swollen face, and it has also been traumatic processing all the hate I have received over my nose through my life and I wait in anticipating to see my new nose. I wanted to share this graphic picture of my face post-op so people can learn about my lifelong experience with bullying and how the bullying has affected me. I was embarrassed to show my face and have been debating whether or not to post this pic, but I want people to see the face of bullying. It isnt pretty. It affects people deeply, and although I am happy with my decision, I will never forget the pain of all the bullying and how bullying has affected me. I was embarrassed to show my face and have been debating whether or not to post this pic, but I want people to see the face of bullying. It isnt pretty. It affects people deeply, and although I am happy with my decision.

I will never forget the pain all of the bullying and anti-Semitism has caused me, she continued in her poor me diatribe. I am not proud to admit this, but I can honestly say over the past few weeks I became weak. I allowed people to make me hate myself. I succumbed to the hate and began internalizing all of the negative things people would say about me and my face online.I started to believe the people who called me ugly and told me I wasnt good enough. It has been a really dark, lonely time and Ive struggled to deal with this experience while being in the public light. Ive isolated myself a lot over the month. I have faked a lot of smiles. And I have watched my self esteem decline on a daily basis as a result of the bullying. I know some people will be assholes and try to humiliate me even more with the images I have shared, but I think its important for people to see. It is important to me and it is something I want to share with others because what I have experienced is something millions of people deal with. People dont want to talk about bullying, but it has really affected me and I hope that through my experience I can help others who are dealing with similar things.

Whats not pretty here is not this so-called bullying Loomer has said she has experienced. Rather, its Loomer posing as the ultimate victim in every aspect of her life. And shell never let you forget it.

Lets just hope that Gateway Pundit has gotten its head out of its ass.

But I am not hopeful on this front.

Now I know what youre waiting for: The before and after glamour shots. So here they are:

A wine-y admission

I accidentally had a sip of bodega wine over the weekend so I can now confirm that it tastes bad. Tyler Coates, culture editor, Esquire.

THE HALL MONTOR: Daily Mails David Martosko catches BuzzFeed in an error

Read more about him there.

BuzzFeed News: Repealing DACA could cost the economy as much as $215 billion in lost GDP, according to the Cato Institute.

MARTOSKO: Buzzfeed fail: You cant repeal DACA. Its not a law.

BuzzFeed Political Editor Katherine Miller: Whoops, will get that fixed.

MARTOSKO: Excellent. It happens.

MSNBCer says drunk driving is worse thanillegalimmigration

If youve ever driven under the influence youve committed a far more serious & dangerous criminal infraction than unauthorized immigration. Chris Hayes, host, MSNBC.

Trump Worlds Sam Nunberg blasts CNN for criticizing Trumps hat

Oh the horrorget a life. former President Trump campaign aideSam Nunberg in response to CNN, which recently tweeted: Ethics group: Trump was wrong to wear campaign hat on Texas trip. See here.

Reporters family braces for a hurricane

You know when you find out the worst hurricane of your lifetime is headed for your friends and family nothing matters & everyone is stupid. Kathleen Gaeta, culture and entertainment writer, IJR.

Ann Coulter weighs in on immigration

Friday: immigrants arrive, grateful & humble. Monday: theyre angrily demanding special treatment. YOURE NOT BLACK. Ann Coulter, conservative commentator, bestselling author.

DCA offers breakfast drink of beer and Red Bull

Roger Stones documentary Twitter feed calls Michael Moore an asshole

Michael Moore:The media keeps reporting that Trump has delayed DACA. That is not true. He signed an order today ENDING IT effective IMMEDIATELY. #TRUTH

Get Me Roger Stone @STONEFLIK: With a grace period for those caught in the middle, asshole.

Daily Show staffer calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders a liar

Future top-dollar Washington Speakers Bureau client Sarah Sanders is lying at an impressive rate this afternoon. Matt Negrin, staffer, The Daily Show.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders accidentally calls Trump Obama

President Obama. Sorry. President Trump. Sarah Huckabee Sanders.’ CNNs Chris Cillizza.

If Sarah Huckabee Sanders accidentally says President Obama one more time Beetlejuice is going to show up. Brian Lowry, media critic, CNN.

The Observer

What is the point of not deporting #DACA recipients, but making them unable to work or be productive citizens? Ass backwards. Emily Singer, senior political writer, mic.

Campaign manager is embarrassed by his own behavior

Just tried to make photo of my dog that sits on my desk bigger by putting 2 fingers on it & spreading them apart. Never hated myself more. Justin Barasky, campaign manager, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).

D.C. paparazzi catches Omarosa at DCA

And she signs her own chest.

Photo byMark Wilkins on Monday.

Journo unplugs in Vail

Chuck Ross is a reporter for The Daily Caller.

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Morning Mirror: Reporter Valiantly Announces Her Nose Job – The Daily Caller

Plastic Surgeons Weigh in on Meghan Markle’s Rumored Nose Job (EXCLUSIVE) – Closer Weekly

Now that Meghan Markle is publicly dating Prince Harry, fans are ready to learn all about the actress now more than ever before. With that comes decoding those rumors she’s gotten plastic surgery, specifically a nose job.

Closer Weekly chatted with plastic surgeons exclusively about any work the Suits star may have gotten done to her face. Dr. Vartan Mardirossian thinks Meghan has gotten a very subtle nose job. “The tip of her nose is more refined now and is more rotated, which meant that it is ‘turned more up.’ The dorsum of the nose which is the straight area above the tip is nicely refined,” he told Closer. “These changes are subtle and very natural and are likely the work of a talented rhinoplasty surgeon. The nostrils and the surrounding soft tissue (the alar area) have not changed.”

Meghan in 2005 (left) and in 2017 (right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

However, other experts believe she’s never even gone under the knife and that she’s just naturally pretty and quite honestly, we couldn’t agree more! Dr. Andrew Miller says of the brunette, “If she had any work done on her nose, it is just a small amount of tip refining to narrow it slightly and lift it.” Keyword there is if.

Dr. Adam Hamawy feels exactly the same about Meghan’s face. He told Closer, “Meghan Markle appears to still have the same nose she was born with. She doesn’t look like she has had any plastic surgery to change the mild imperfections that contribute to her natural beauty.” So sweet!

He continued, “Any differences that I’ve seen are easily accounted for by her facial expression, makeup or lighting.” Wouldn’t Harry be so glad to know he’s dating a natural beauty?!

Join our Facebook group for the latest updates on Kate Middleton, Prince William, and all things royal!

Is Meghan Markle Leaving ‘Suits’? See Everything We Know!

Sandra Bullock’s Ageless Face Is Likely Due to the ~Magical~ Work of Botox! (EXCLUSIVE)

Megyn Kelly’s Latest Look on ‘Today’ Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors!

Plastic Surgeons Weigh in on Meghan Markle’s Rumored Nose Job (EXCLUSIVE) – Closer Weekly

Rhinoplasty Nose Job Facts – Refinery29

Based on what you might have read in the tabloids (Celebrity Nose Jobs: Before & After!) or learned through heart-to-hearts with your coworkers, classmates, or squad, rhinoplasty is happening all around us. Though we dont think anyone really needs a nose job for non-medical reasons, every woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body and whatever makes her happy and its NBD. But even though this procedure seems super-common, if youre thinking of taking the plunge as with making a financial investment, buying a work of fine art, or getting a boob job, for that matter you need to do your research and make the best, most informed choice for you.

To aid in your decision-making process, we consulted with three of New Yorks top plastic surgeons on everything from finding the right doc to the recovery process.

What Happens During RhinoplastyRhinoplasty involves modifying both the bones (upper part) and the cartilage (lower part) of the nose for a variety of desired aesthetic results: a narrower nose, a higher bridge, a more refined tip, removal of a bump, and so on. There are two types of incisions a surgeon could make. One is commonly called the closed or endonasal approach, and involves an incision on the inside of the nose. The other is called the open or external approach, and also involves another incision across the columella, or that bridge of tissue between the nostrils. The skin is then raised up to allow for rhinoplasty work to be done.

Depending on the desired new nose, the restructuring of the cartilage and bones will differ, explains Sam Rizk, MD. The degree of cartilage versus bone varies between different people, he explains. Not all noses need to be broken. If most of your nose is cartilage, and you have very little bone, I may not necessarily have to break the nose at all. Breaking the nose is generally done more in the process of straightening a nose or narrowing a very wide bony bridge.

With the closed procedure, the incision is made inside the nose, so there is no visible scar. With an open procedure, a skilled surgeon should be able to close the incision on the columella carefully so that you wont be able to detect any scarring.

About That Grafting ThingThe surgeon can use septum cartilage thats already been removed as part of the procedure, or remove the tissue from the back to help augment the nose. You make a little cut in the back of the ear, where your glasses go, where its never seen, says Norman Rowe, MD, who calls this advancement, which has happened during the past decade or so, a game-changer. According to Dr. Rizk, though, there is about a 10% “absorption rate,” or chance the grafted tissue will be absorbed back into the face rather than going into the nose. So in place of cartilage, he sometimes uses implants such as the FDA-approved Medpor.

If there is no cartilage that can be used in the ear or nose or when a larger piece of cartilage is needed, Dr. Rowe says some surgeons might take cartilage from the rib though this procedure is somewhat controversial. The technique requires a surgical incision near a vital organ the lungs so theres risk of scarring, chronic pain, infection, or a collapsed lung. But Dr. Rowe assures us that in the proper hands, using the rib cartilage is very safe. There is a small chance that during the harvesting of the rib, the lungs could be deflated; however, this situation is easily treated, he says.

Dr. Rizk prefers utilizing the irradiated rib bank (tissue from cadavers), even though there’s an approximately 15% absorption rate. My first choice of cartilage is septum, the second choice is ear, and my third is irradiated rib cartilage or implants, he says. I will not risk a patients vital organ, such as the lung even if its a small chance for a cosmetic improvement of the face or nose. That is my personal feeling.

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Rhinoplasty Nose Job Facts – Refinery29

Bulbous Nose Tip, Pictures, Rhinoplasty and Nose Job – Nose

I have a bulbous nose, what should I do? If you have it and that you dont like, we have all the information you might be interested in including bulbous nose rhinoplasty (with before and after looks), nose job, pictures, and a lot more.

A bulbous nose tip is one that makes your nose to appear as though there is a ball at the end. Furthermore, it makes the nose look heavy and often attracts the attention away from other facial features particularly the eyes. While some people would not be bothered by this occurrence, others might feel uneasy and develop low self-confidence and self-esteem as a result.

So what causes a bulbous nose tip? Well, it is caused by various factors. The most common factor is having a thick nose tip skin. The extra thickness in the skin is reflected in a bulbous shape. In some patients, especially among non-Caucasians to whom removal of extra fibro fatty tissues can be done without a problem, surgically thinning the nasal skin a bit can help get rid of a bulbous tip. Excessive thinning of soft tissues should however be avoided to avoid impairment of blood supply to the nose.

Another common cause is having a lower lateral nasal tip cartilage that is either too wide or too convex, or both. This results in a sub-optimal shape.

There are three types of tips.

Cartilaginous bulbous tip

The first one is cartilaginous bulbous tip which is commonly seen in Caucasians. Rhinoplasty typically involves resculpting the nasal tip cartilages to a more refined aquiline shape.

Fatty bulbous tip

Fatty bulbous tip is another type, which is typically common among Africans, Asians and Hispanics. A nose job for this type of nose tip usually involves nose tip cartilage grafting as well as removal of some fatty tissues from the tip to reduce the subcutaneous skin.

Scar tissues bulbous nose tip

People who have had a previous nose job performed may experience the third type, which is caused by a build up of scar tissues in the tip of the nose. The scar tissues need to be removed and in some instance, it may be accompanied by cartilage grafting.

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words and who are we to refute that? We have included some pictures below. The pictures will give you an idea of what it looks like and help you decide if you have it or not.

This lady openly claims that she doesnt like the super bulbous look of her nose. She planned to have a rhinoplasty by October 2013 but se is yet to report how it went if she at all had it done.

You may as well get inspiration into what a it looks like from the pictures below:

(insert photo here)

The desire to have a more refined tip of the nose is a common one among people with bulbous tips. Bulbous nose rhinoplasty is usually performed to enhance the look of the nose among such peoples.

But as Deirdre Leake, a plastic surgeon in Florida, California says, nose tip rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgeries technically speaking. It is also harder to anticipate the final results for a nose tip rhinoplasty after altering the nasal framework. Deirdre points out that the skin may or may not take the new shape, making it hard to anticipate the final result.

A common misconception about thisrhinoplasty is that it involves the removal of lots of cartilage. While this was generally preferred in the past, it typically results destabilization of the nose tip, pinching and sometimes an unnatural shape of the nose tip which may just plain give you away.

This rhinoplasty typically involves refining the tip by narrowing the lower cartilage. Rather than focus more on cartilage removal, most practitioners nowadays will focus more on adding support though addition of cartilage and strengthening of the cartilage. Strengthening will most likely involve reorienting the convex lower lateral crura that makes the nasal tip a bit fuller.

Bulbous nose rhinoplasty can give a more refined look. But according to most experts on the subject, the result should not be overly dramatic to make you look as though you just had a new nose implanted. As a matter of fact, nobody should notice that you had a correction.

The picture above is a perfect example of what rhinoplasty can do or how it can help. This lady didnt like her nose looks, so she requested for a refinement. The first photo (on the left) shows how she initially looked like and the second one (on the right) shows how she looks 20 months after the rhinoplasty surgery.

This is yet another great Before and after picture showing how a nose rhinoplasty was able to enhance the appearance of this lady.

If you would rather not have that bulbous look in your nose, you can go for a bulbous nose job to reduce it. Most plastic surgeons will make nose refinement as you desire, but there is no guarantee that the surgeon can perform the procedure as per your goals.

A surgeon will typically ask you what you want to achieve and he/she will then advise you if it is really possible or not.

After this nose job, chances are that you will have an improved look which is nevertheless not very dramatic or transforming as to be easily noticeable. It should also not make your nose look unnatural, but if the results are not quite as you had expected, you can always go for a revision procedure.

Having a this type of a nose is often associated with alcoholism. However this is not usually the case. It might be true that alcohol can make pre-existing conditions such as Rosacea worse, resulting in Rhinophyma which is characterized by a a nose that is bulbous, a reddish appearance of the skin, and thick skin.

However, alcohol on its own cannot make someones nose get bulbous. It would however be a good idea to avoid alcohol if you are suffering from Rhinophyma which is technically speaking a worsened case of Rosacea.

Read the rest here:
Bulbous Nose Tip, Pictures, Rhinoplasty and Nose Job – Nose

This Mom Asks If It’s Unreasonable to Save for Her Baby’s Nose Job – The Stir

As a new parent, you try your best to prepare for your baby’s future. This includes planning and preparing for the near and far, so most parents want to not only give their little ones the best start possible, but also a strong foundation for later. Some handle this by setting up college saving plans before their infant is even born, while others establish car, wedding, and house accounts in preparation for when their kid might need the funds. However, one mom has sparked controversy by asking if she’s being unreasonable by starting to prepare for a different potential cost in her baby’s future: a nose job.

The anonymous mom explained on Mumsnet that her husband has a “very large” nose and although she thinks it makes him look handsome, she’s worried that her baby girl might inherit this feature from her dad. She’s considering putting money aside each week to be financially prepared in case when her daughter is older, she decides that she wants plastic surgery. She wanted to know what other online users thought about her idea and thinking this far in advance.

“[Dear daughter] looks like she is going to take after her father in the nose department,” Mumsnet user DressedInBinBagswrote. “If her nose isn’t like her dad’s or it doesn’t bother her, she could use it for other things.Obviously, she would still be gorgeous to me. I’m just concerned she will be self-conscious as other people make remarks to [dear husband] and he had been teased about it in the past.”

The concerned mom explained that she first came up with the idea after reading about how a grown child wanted help paying for a procedure to remove loose skin, and it made her realize how much she’d hate not being to help her own daughter financially if she asked for it. She also clarified that they already have a savings account for a car and that this would be a separate fund only if the daughter approached her parents about surgery. “I’m NOT going to offer her a nose job. If she ASKS for one, I want to be able to pay for it rather than her having to,” she wrote in a comment. “And if she doesn’t want the plastic surgery (ideally exactly what I want), then she can do whatever she wants with it.”

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According to mom, her husband supports the idea because both he and his sister were made fun of growing up for their noses. “His sister has been bullied because of it and cried because of it. She has begged her parents for a nose job,” she commented. “So while I will think it’s gorgeous and encourage her to love it, there is no guarantee she will feel the same. I’m never going to say to her have a nose job. I love the nose. But if she is desperately unhappy I want to be able to say if that is what you 100 percent want I will pay for it. If not, she can have the money to do whatever she wants with it.”

She asked users for her thoughts and people were more than willing to share them.

After being flooded with diverse opinions, the mom couldn’t help but pose one more question. “I wonder what responses would have been if my [question] would have been:My 21 year old daughter wants a nose job. She has been teased a lot because of her nose. If I have the funds, should I pay for it?” she commented.

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Botched Patient Lauren Has PTSD From Being Awake During a Bad Nose Job: "I Remember the Whole Thing" – E! Online

Talk about a nightmare!

Botched patient Lauren still hasn’t recovered from a bad rhinoplasty that left the tip of her nose misshapen because she was awake during the whole procedure. Her previous doctor put her under a twilight sleep but she remained conscious throughout the surgery.

“They told me I’d be under Twilight. I was awake the whole time,” Lauren tells Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif in this preview from Thursday’s episode.

“You don’t remember him going like, Tap, tap, tap, tap,’ do you?” Dr. Nassif asks.

“I remember all of that,” Lauren says. “Whatever he was doing up in there, I remember the whole thing.”

“If you don’t give them the right amnesthic medication, which makes you forget everything, you’re going to remember everything, especially like when they’re breaking you’re nose and fracturing your bones,” Dr. Nassif explains.

Dr. Dubrow adds, “Waking up in the middle of a surgery gives you a posttraumatic stress disorder a lot of the times and it can make you forever afraid of having surgery again.”

“I do have that, yes,” Laure answers.

So what can the doctors do? Watch the clip to find out!

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Botched Patient Lauren Has PTSD From Being Awake During a Bad Nose Job: "I Remember the Whole Thing" – E! Online

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry reveals she regrets her nose job because she says she can’t breathe – The Sun

GEORDIE Shores Chloe Ferry has revealed she regrets getting her nose surgically enhanced because she cant breathe out of it.

The plastic surgery addict says her nostrils are too small and she hates it, ahead of this evening’s first episode of the new series on MTV.

Getty Images – Getty

She has had a number of changes to her body including lip fillers, eyebrow fillers and botox amounting to 50,00.

Ex On The Beach star Chloe, 21, told the Suns Bizarre column: I regret my nose – I hate my nose.It’s just too small, my nostrils need to be widened. I can’t really breathe out of my nose.

She has previously opened up about her insecurities which led to her changing her appearance, saying “I used to be ugly”.

Getty Images

Chloe told the Sun it makes her happy and wanted surgery before going on MTV series Geordie Shore but could never afford it.

She said: If you don’t like something about yourself get it changed.

Before Geordie Shore I could never afford to get anything changed so now I’ve got the money I’ll do whatever makes me happy.

Chloe has also had veneers, tattooed eyebrows as well as dermal cheek fillers.


Splash News

Her most costly treatment is thought to be to her teeth which can set people back up to 28,000.

In June, she hit out at trolls on Twitter who slammed her for announcing she was going to get her saggy boobs done.

Chloe said: “My advice is that people are going to give you hate but just ignore it, they’re just jealous at the end of the day.

Instagram/Chloe Ferry

Getty Images – Getty

“I got a lot of hate when I first went on, you always do with telly. You should never let it get to you.”

It came after she ruled out any procedures to her 34C chest.

She has said: Id never get a boob job because I have nice boobs.

Besides, big boobs are out of fashion now.

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