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Facelift Temecula, Rhytidectomy Murrieta, Facial Plastic …

Sagging skin and deep lines in your face can make you look older than you feel. To tighten that loose skin and smooth away those lines, consider the benefits of a face lift from Temecula area plastic surgeons at Renuance.

A facelift can achieve a dramatic rejuvenation. The concern for many patients: will the enhancements look natural? The answer is yes when you choose Dr. Eichenberg, a board-certified plastic surgeon who is exceptionally experienced, skilled and trained at some of the nations most prestigious medical institutes.

Request a consultation now or call (951) 506-1040 to schedule an appointment.

Brian Eichenberg, M.D. has earned a reputation as a leader in the field of plastic surgery, as well as a leader in the community.

Dr. Zachary Filip performs aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body as well as complex reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Ford thrives on performing a variety of surgeries with an eye for detail and optimizing results.

Prior to your face lift, Inland Empire area plastic surgeon Dr. Eichenberg will meet with you to evaluate your skin and muscle tone and discuss your goals. In addition to correcting a loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone, a facelift may be desirable if you have jowls and deep creases between the base of the nose and the corners of the mouth, or have developed facial and neck wrinkles. Dr. Eichenberg is experienced in designing this procedure to provide you with smooth skin and well-defined contours.

To enhance the results, Dr. Eichenberg can combine your facelift with a neck lift. A neck lift corrects sagging skin and deposits of fat around the neck and under the chin, making you look younger and slimmer.

Depending on the extent of skin laxity and fat deposits, Dr. Eichenberg performs facelifts ranging from mini to standard. To keep you comfortable, these procedures are performed under local anesthesia with sedation, or under general anesthesia. Dr. Eichenberg makes incisions within the hairline (or along the hair margin) above the ear, extending down around the earlobe and ending in or below the hairline behind the ear. The subcutaneous layers and neck muscles are tightened, the facial skin is re-draped and lifted, and the excess skin is removed.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we encourage you to view our Before and After Gallery of real patients and their results.

Note: The specific risks and the suitability of face lift surgery for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation with Dr. Eichenberg. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are rare. Those concerns can be discussed with Dr. Eichenberg, Dr. Filip or Dr. Ford. The information on this website is not a substitute for a consultation. Call our Murrieta plastic surgery center at (951) 506-1040 or request a consultation online today.

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Facelift Temecula, Rhytidectomy Murrieta, Facial Plastic …

Tummy Tuck – Robert Cohen, M.D. Plastic Surgery

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An abdominoplasty, often called a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure that can help you tighten abdominal muscles and remove loose skin and fat, getting you well on your way to enjoying a flatter, more sculpted stomach. There are many reasons why my Phoenix and Scottsdale tummy tuck patients are ready to improve their abdominal appearance.

Receive a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Cohen to learn more about tummy tuck. Our facility is conveniently located for women and men living in Tempe, Paradise Valley and other areas of Greater Phoenix, AZ.

The abdominal wall (which contains the abdominal muscles) can become stretched out during pregnancy or as a result of significant weight gain. If the elastic tissue of the abdominal wall is stretched too much, or too many times, it will not “snap back” to its original position. It is similar to an old rubber band, which is loose and no longer works well. This weakened abdominal wall provides less support and allows the internal organs to bulge out, giving the belly a fuller appearance. This problem is particularly common in women who have had multiple pregnancies.

See Dr. Cohen explain why a tummy tuck could be the perfect solution for excess fat and skin around the abdomen. WatchVideo

See Dr. Cohen explain why a tummy tuck could be the perfect solution for excess fat and skin around the abdomen.

Other tummy tuck patients from Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix have excess skin of the abdominal area, usually after significant weight gain and then weight loss. In this case, the skin itself (as opposed to the abdominal wall) becomes loose and stretched out. If a person loses more weight, the skin often sags to an even greater degree.

The stretching of the abdominal wall and skin can occur individually or in combination, and will not improve with exercise or sit-ups. Luckily, for patients with these problems, I am able to flatten and tighten their midsections with a tummy tuck.

As with all of my surgeries, I draw on my knowledge as a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to specifically customize the technique I use for each person to address each of their issues. For mild sagging of the lower abdominal skin, a mini-abdominoplasty often will be enough to remove the excess skin and smooth and flatten the abdomen. With more significant excess skin, I perform a greater degree of skin tailoring. Frequently, the abdominal wall needs tightening as well. In these cases, I create an “internal corset” that tightens the abdominal wall and narrows the contour of the waist. After the internal corset is finished, the excess skin is tailored to fit snugly against the flatter, narrower abdominal wall.

If you are interested in learning more about what to expect during the recovery process following a tummy tuck, I encourage you to read cosmetic surgery FAQs about post-operative issues such as care for incisions, time away from work, and ability to engage in exercise and other activities.

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Tummy Tuck – Robert Cohen, M.D. Plastic Surgery

How much does Tummy Tuck and Liposuction cost? – RealSelf

Cost factors vary significantly for a number of good reasons: Prices vary greatly because the surgery itself encompasses a wide range of techniques that can be performed to different extents. My recommendation is to first find the most qualified surgeonswhere you want the surgery performedthat are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery you trust, then compare prices between them. See the below link on suggestions on how to find the most qualified plastic surgeon for your procedure. General Factors that influence the price of plastic surgery include:

1. Location – Will it be performed in a hospital with an overnight stay, an independent out- patient facility or a doctors office? Geographical location also has a significant influence. RealSelf has average charges for most areas of the USA.

2. Type of Anesthesia – local, IV sedation or General Anesthesia? Will a board certified anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, or an RN be used? 3. Experience and training of your surgeon. The best and longest trained is most often a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery 4. Length and Complexity of Surgery – how difficult will your surgery be andhow long it will take, etc. Will other complementary procedures also be also performed during the same surgery?

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How much does Tummy Tuck and Liposuction cost? – RealSelf

Brazilian Butt Lift | My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

In our clinic in Miami, Liposuction with fat transfer is performed by surgeonsDr. Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D.,Dr. Jos Zayas M.D. and Dr. Arstides Martnez A.A.C.S. All our doctors are highly qualified and certified by theBoardofFlorida.

Blepharoplasty: is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. This surgery can remove excess skin and fat that accumulates on the eyelids due to the natural aging process, stress, as well as other factors. It is a procedure that requires local anesthesia and provides excellent results, which are visible from the start.

Lip Augmentation: Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that has experienced a boom in the recent years, specially in Miami. In our clinic we perform lip augmentation with fillers. This nonsurgical technique is a microinjection of dermal fillers directly into the area where you want to have more volume.

Elimination of wrinkles:Wrinkle removal can be done in two ways: one surgical and the other nonsurgical. The surgical kind is a neck or facelift. The latter uses dermal fillers applied in microinjections to fill wrinkles and stimulate the skin to allow it to once again produce an adequate amount of collagen and elastin

Botox: This derivative product of botulin toxin acts at the muscles synapses, paralyzing this muscle. By not being able to contract, the face relaxes causing wrinkles and expression lines to diminish.

Yama Sanchez, one of our most cherished clients, came to My Cosmetic Surgery Miami to get a liposuction with fat transfer done. Yama was very satisfied with her Fat transfer surgery, as is shown below.

Anisleidy Caridad: underwent a liposuction with a fat transfer with us, specifically with Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso. Just one week after surgery she showed us how satisfied she was with her Brazilian Butt procedure and how well she recovered.

Marielis Suarez: came to My Cosmetic Surgery Miami to get the figure she wanted with the Brazilian Butt enhancement. Now, she is very happy to show of her physique for our cameras.

Gretel Suarez: is a patient who, although was physically fit, wanted to increase the volume of her buttocks. For this, she came to My Cosmetic Surgery Miami to get the curves she always wanted by fat transfer.

Brazilian Butt Lift Miami:

Recently a survey showed that more than 90 % of patients that undergo a Brazilian Buttlift Miami, United States, are Latino. This surprising figure reaffirms the fact that for Latinos, the idea of female beauty is curvaceous, sensual, and voluptuous figure. But this preference is not unique to this ethnic group, especially in these modern times. The obsession with curves is as old as humanity itself and we can find its mark throughout history and universal culture.

A Fat transfer to the buttocks (BBL) is a type of cosmetic surgery in which surgeons use a person’s own fat to augment and shape the buttocks. Liposuction is first performed to take out fat from other areas of the body- mostly from the stomach, hips, and thighs- and that fat is then used to push up the buttocks.

Fat grafting to the buttocks, trendy Miami:

Few days ago Paris closed the big four of the most important catwalks in the world of high couture. The fashion week, as expected, passed with top designers and models of the season and the streets were impregnated with the charm of fashion week. Since the official photos of the event till others taken “by chance” in the Parisian streets, the glamor of these events is wasted. Now, making a review of these issues, from Miami City, surges an idea: the difference between the canon of European beauty and the typical one of Miami, so influenced by Latin taste. One of the most obvious differences is the taste for buttocks in Miami City, which is generally absent in Europe. It is no coincidence that, almost everyone in this city knows what is fat grafting to the buttocks when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

Our surgeons have perfected their techniques in order to succeed in changing the patient. All of our equipment, procedures, and medical personnel are duly accredited and count on the great amount of experience they have of cosmetic surgery. We are South Floridas number one clinic and our safety record supports us in this regard. Our greatest commitment is to your health and beauty.

Lymphatic System: Is a fundamental part of the body’s immune system. It is a network of vessels, lymph nodes, organs, and tissues that produce and transport lymph from the tissues to the bloodstream.

Fat Optimization: A process by which fat is centrifuged and purified for reuse in fat redistribution procedures to those areas where the patient lacks it.

Muscle synapse: Process by which a muscle is strained and stretched due to a previous stimulus.

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Brazilian Butt Lift | My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) – Buttock Implants – Buttock Threadlift

The buttocks are an area of the body that has been in the spotlight a lot lately. A full and perky butt, like that of many shapely actresses and entertainers, is a sought after asset that enhances a silhouette. However, weight training and diet rarely deliver the desired results. Those who desire a lifted, shapelier buttock have two main options available to them- a Brazilian butt lift or buttock implants.A Brazilian butt lift is often referred to by it’s abbreviation – BBL.

For more information about buttock augmentation in the New York City area, please call (212) 661-2563 to schedule a free consultation at Allure Plastic Surgery. Our surgeons are ready to discuss which option might be best for you.

The Brazilian butt lift has become one of our more popular procedures in recent years. This is mainly due to the procedure being less invasive and easier to recover from than buttock implants.

We typically begin with liposuction of the waistline and hips to provide contouring while harvesting the fat. This allows us to perform optimal sculpting to the areas around the buttocks. We then process and strategically inject the fat into the buttock muscle to help build a perky, youthful shape. Remaining fat is then frozen so that it can be injected between 4 weeks to 6 months following the procedure.

Although there may be minor post-operative bruising and swelling, recovery should be no more than 7-10 days. Naturally, the body will absorb some of the injected fat, but the majority of the fat will remain in the area with a good blood supply for long lasting results. Subsequent injections can be used to build the results and shape you desire.

Buttock implant surgery is popular among our patients because of the substantial results it provides with just one procedure. During the consultation, our surgeons will discuss various size and placement options for this procedure. During the surgery, a conservative 2-3 inch incision is placed discreetly between the buttocks in the midline. We then lift the buttock muscle and create a pocket for the implant. The incision is closed with dissolving sutures and tape is added for additional support.

Post-operative care includes keeping the dressing dry for 3-5 days and avoiding pressure on the butt for a few weeks. You must also avoid strenuous activity and exercise for 4 weeks. The incision will typically fade within a few months. The best aspect of this procedure is that the results are permanent, and improvement is achieved with only one procedure.

As the buttock ages soft tissue and volume is lost and the skin begins to sag. During the thread lift procedure tiny barbed suture threads are placed from a hidden point above the butt to the bottom of each butt cheek.The threads are tightened and the small incision is closed.Three months later the threads are tightened a bit more and the butt achieves a higher and tighter lift

The procedure is ideal for those patients who dont have enough fat for the Brazilian fat transfer technique,although those patients with enough fat can even combine the two procedures for an even greater looking lifted and rounder butt.

There is no scar, little or no downtime, and the procedure can even be done under local anesthesia. We are proud to be the first plastic surgery group to offer this rejuvenating technique in the New York/New Jersey area.

To find out more about the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, and other buttock enhancement procedures, please contact Allure Plastic Surgery online or call (212) 661-2563 today. We proudly serve all of NYC, including Long Island, Manhattan, and other communities.

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) – Buttock Implants – Buttock Threadlift

Brazilian Butt Lift Connecticut – Connecticut Cosmetic and …

Brazilian Butt Lift Connecticut

BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT- an increasing popular procedure. The procedure entails first performing liposuction of other parts of the body, typically the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, love handles and arms. The fat is then processed through a number of steps removing the fluid and non viable cells, and injection the pure live fat cells into the buttock region to augment the buttock.

The first stage of liposuction contours the buttock region at the same time providing the fat for the augmentation. Most patients feel that the buttock has lost definition which is common with pregnancy, weight loss, and some genetic pre-disposition and looks large but not round and full. By making the love handles and outer thigh region smaller and more shapely it also defines the buttock region. When the fat is then injecting properly, it creates a round full buttock. A patient must have sufficient fat from the other areas of the body to fill the buttock.

The process of preparing the fat, entails decanting the fat to allow the fluid to separate, then using a centrifuge to further spin out the fluid and non viable cells. The remaining pure fat is then carefully placed into different areas of the buttock and at different levels within the buttock to ensure long term survival of the fat cells.

The procedure lasts approximately 2 hours, and maybe performed under sedation or light general depending on exactly what is planned. The scars are small liposuction sized openings less than a quarter of an inch each. Typically about a five day recovery is indicated with minimal sitting during that time. Discomfort is minimal. Full activities may be resumed in about 1 month.

The procedure may be performed at the same time as other procedures such as abdominoplasty. I do not perform buttock augmentation with implants as the complication rate is higher than I am comfortable with.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Connecticut – Connecticut Cosmetic and …

Greenville Tummy Tuck Surgery | Greenwood Abdominoplasty

An abdominoplasty, best known as a tummy tuck, creates a flatter abdomen by removing sagging, protruding areas of excess fat and skin in the midsection.

Greenwood plastic surgeon Dr. Ted Vaughn will tailor your tummy tuck procedure to your unique needs. Some patients, for example, benefit from a partial abdominoplastyalso known as a mini tummy tuckwhile others require a complete abdominoplasty with liposuction to achieve the desired results. For more information about your options for a tighter abdominal area, please call (864) 605-3151 today.

You may benefit from a tummy tuck if you experience:

Trimming excess tissue and tightening muscle laxity in the abdominal wall, a tummy tuck reduces the protruding or hanging abdomen caused by the above situations. Ideal candidates for a tummy tuck include:

The type of tummy tuck procedure best suited to address your specific condition will be determined during your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Vaughn.

At Piedmont Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vaughn performs mini tummy tucks, complete tummy tucks and minor variations to suit your body type and meet your aesthetic goals.

In a complete tummy tuck, an incision is made that spans the abdomen from one hip to the other. After the incision is made, the skin is lifted away from the muscle and the vertical abdominal muscles are tightened with sutures, providing a flatter abdominal contour and a more toned appearance. Liposuction is then performed around the hips to create a narrower waistline. Excess skin will be trimmed away and the incision closed.

A mini tummy tuck is a more limited procedure used to remove excess fat and skin localized below the belly button. A much shorter incision is used in this procedure. Typically, a mini tummy tuck tightens abdominal muscles but does not remove skin from the upper abdomen.

Your individual tummy tuck solution will depend on the unique aspects of your physique as well as your goals. During your personal consultation, Dr. Vaughn can answer your questions about abdominoplasty and recommend an option designed to meet your specific needs.

The results from your tummy tuck can last for years if you maintain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly.

View our Tummy Tuck Gallery

If you live in Greenwood, Greenville, Anderson, Columbia or Laurens, SC or Augusta, GA and would like to learn more about your tummy tuck options, please contact Piedmont Plastic Surgery using the form on this website or call (864) 605-3151 to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Vaughn.

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Greenville Tummy Tuck Surgery | Greenwood Abdominoplasty

Tummy Tuck Charlotte NC | Breast Augmentation Face Lifts …

For women and men who have loose abdominal skin and fat concentrated in the abdominal area, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is the popular cosmetic body procedure that can transform how you look and feel.

This standard procedure is appropriate for the majority of female clients. It removes flaccid abdominal skin and tightens muscles that have been separated and weakened by pregnancy or weight gain. This procedure is particularly effective in women who are finished having children.

Liposuction may be performed at the same time to create a desired contour, although this is up to discretion of each surgeon and patient.

For a small number of patients who visit Charlotte Plastic Surgery with specific concerns and needs, alternative forms of abdominoplasty are available:

This technique, involving only a short horizontal incision, is used when the amount of loose skin is minimal and the excess fat deposits are located below the navel.

For patients with muscle laxity and only a mild degree of excess fat, the procedure helps minimize scars.

This procedure is most commonly performed on a client who has lost a great deal of weight and fat (perhaps after gastric bypass surgery) and now has loose overhanging skin all around the body. In order to create a desired contour, the surgical scar will extend all around the waistline, lifting the outer thigh and buttock and creating a smoother silhouette. In addition, muscles are tightened when necessary.

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Tummy Tuck Charlotte NC | Breast Augmentation Face Lifts …

Tummy Tuck – Miami, FL | Leonard Hochstein, MD


Most patients plan to take about two weeks off from work and routine activities. You should avoid exercise and heavy lifting for six to eight weeks and closely follow Dr. Hochsteins postoperative instructions for the best results.

Dr. Hochstein will tailor your tummy tuck procedure to your unique needs. Whether you choose to have a mini tummy tuck, a full tummy tuck, or a combination of procedures, Dr. Hochstein will determine the cost for your procedure during your initial consultation.

You will likely be sore following your tummy tuck surgery. Dr. Hochstein will provide a pain pump that will help by numbing the area. He can also prescribe oral pain medication that will help keep you comfortable as you heal. A compression garment will also help with pain and swelling.

As with any surgical procedure, there will be scars associated with a tummy tuck. The scar will span the lower pelvis from hipbone to hipbone and will be shorter if you choose to have a mini tummy tuck. Most styles of bathing suits and underwear will camouflage the scar, which will also fade significantly with time.

Lymphatic Drainage is a therapeutic procedure designed specifically to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Any person that submits themselves to a cosmetic surgical procedure will experience great levels of inflammation as a side-effect of the work performed in that area. This type of massage is one that is required after a lipo-sculpture and tummy tucks. The main purpose of these massages is to eliminate liquid that tends to accumulate and harden forming into a fibrosis. Fibrosis is the name given to those little balls and lumps that you feel forming under your skin about one to two weeks after a surgical procedure. These massages also allow for better circulation of the blood, reduce the edema, and help soften the texture of the skin to ensure a better healing process. Lymphatic drainage massages should only be performed by licensed and experienced massage therapists.

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Tummy Tuck – Miami, FL | Leonard Hochstein, MD

Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos | Dr. Ricardo L …

Dr. Rodriguez in Baltimore transformed this woman’s figure with a full tummy tuck and liposuction to the flanks and thighs. He removed more than 4500 cc of fat with liposuction.

Abdominoplasty and Liposuction was performed on this 5′ female to remove loose skin and fat.

A dramatic transformation of the stomach area was make by this 49 year old patient with a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction to flanks and thighs.

Lower body transformation with a Tummy Tuck and over 5000 cc of fat removed by Liposuction from her flanks and thighs.

A tummy tuck tightened up the stomach area and helped get rid of the loose skin.

A Tummy Tuck and Liposuction resulted in a dramatic transformation for this 5 ft 5 inch, 174 lb female. She had 3250 cc of fat extracted from flanks, sacral area, and inner thighs by Dr. Rodriguez in Baltimore.

This patient was unhappy about the protrusion of her stomach. Dr. Rodriguez tightened her abdomen muscles by performing a full tummy tuck.

Dr. Rodriguez in Baltimore transformed this woman’s figure with a full tummy tuck and liposuction to the flanks and thighs. He removed more than 4500 cc of fat with liposuction.

Abdominoplasty and Liposuction was performed on this 5′ female to remove loose skin and fat.

This patient underwent a full tummy tuck to tighten the stomach area.

This patient had a tummy tuck performed to remove fat from the middle and lower abdomen and tighten the muscle. Dr. Rodriguez also removed over 2000 cc of fat with liposuction of her flanks, abdomen, and posterior triangle.

This patient had a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and fat to tighten her stomach.

This patient desired smaller breasts to complement her abdominoplasty procedure. She also had liposuction to the flanks and posterior triangle.

This afro-american patient chose a full tummy tuck with liposuction for a flatter stomach.

This patient wanted a flat stomach but was concerned about tummy tuck scarring. In addition to the Tummy Tuck she had over 4000 cc of fat extracted with liposuction.

Dr. Rodriguez performed a tummy tuck for extracting fat, removing excess skin, and tightening the stomach muscles. He also removed over 2000 cc of fat with Liposuction.

After surgery, the patient has a flatter and more toned appearance to her stomach.

Tummy Tuck, Outer Thigh Lift, and Liposuction

This patient desired smaller breasts to complement her Abdominoplasty procedure.

A dramatic transformation of the stomach area was make by this 49 year old patient with a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction to flanks and thighs.

This patient had a full tummy tuck to tighten the stomach. This medium-framed patient in her forties opted for a full tummy tuck for a smooth, flat stomach.

This patient, in her sixties, and had a full tummy tuck to remove the excess fat and skin from her stomach.

This patient opted for an abdominoplasty combined with a breast lift in the same operative session.

This patient in her fifties had a Tummy Tuck to remove excess skin and fat, tighten the stomach muscles, and reduce stretch marks.

This patient opted for a full tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) along with a breast augmentation.

This patient opted for a mini tummy tuck (dermatolipectomy), which focuses on tightening the skin on the abdomen.

This female had Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and Liposuction to the flanks performed in the same operative session.

In order to make her stomach flat, this African American patient had a an Abdominoplasty to reduce the size of her belly.

Tummy Tuck with Liposuction of flanks resulted in tightened and flat stomach area.

This, 5’2″ African American female did not have a lot of loose skin but she wanted the Tummy Tuck to tighten her stomach area.

A small amount of loose skin was removed from this small framed 5’4″ female with a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction of the flanks.

Before and After Tummy Tuck with Butt Augmentation with her own fat. The fat extracted from Liposuction was processed and reinjected into her buttocks by Dr. Rodriguez in Baltimore.

The Abdominoplasty procedure will tighten loose hanging skin that can not be eliminated with exercise.

Lower body transformation with a Tummy Tuck and over 5000 cc of fat removed by Liposuction from her flanks and thighs.

This small framed 4’11” tall female had a tummy tuck and liposuction to her flanks and posterior triangle.

This 38 year old female only had loose skin and did not need a full tummy tuck.

A Tummy Tuck and Liposuction of flanks, sacral area, and abdomen, for a total of 4350 cc fat extracted.

To tighten stomach muscles and remove excess skin and fat, this 5 ft 7 in , 187 lb female had a Tummy Tuck and over 4000 cc of fat extracted with Liposuction.

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Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos | Dr. Ricardo L …

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